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Whitney Museum puts up new sculpture

Whitney Museum puts up new sculpture 

A new steel sculpture on the Manhattan waterfront recalls an old port building that was also a work of art. Artist David Hammons has resurrected it large and prominent.

American artist David Hammons has resurrected the silhouette of a long-demolished building on Manhattan´s waterfront with a new sculpture.

The steel structure, titled ´´Day´s End´´, will now be on permanent display in Hudson River Park, opposite the Whitney Museum, according to the museum. 

Hammons was inspired by a work of the same name by artist Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978). In 1975, Matta-Clark caused a sensation in the art world: he cut five openings in the walls of the port building ´´Pier 75´´. Hammons´ work now traces the exact location and shape of the harbour building in its broad outline and can be visited free of charge at any time. 

Right next door, ´´Little Island´´ is due to open in the coming weeks: a park with a wide range of cultural offerings on an artificial island in the Hudson.

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