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Michael Nolte Gallery

Michael Nolte Gallery 

Founded in 2004 in Münster, The Galerie Michael Nolte is located in the Hafenweg at the habour of Münster since March this year. The gallery owner Michael Nolte, who has been trading for more than forty years in Muenster with antiques, in this way extended his network into the modern and contemporary art.

Galerie Michael Nolte

Hafenweg 15

48155 Münster,



Tel.: +49(0)251-44809

openThe Gallery 

The promotion of young talents of the modern and current time is the focus of the gallery.

However, the gallery arranges interesting dialogues between the younger artists of 20th and 21st century and already established artists.

The nearly 500 square meters of exhibition space provide the ideal platform for that.

In February 2012, Michael Nolte and his son Simon Nolte opened another gallery in Portocolom / Majorca.


The selection of the artists depends on cultural diversity, and especially on an individual pictorial language and craftsmanship.

To the root of the gallery belongs the Russian avant-garde with its various artistic styles such as expressionism, cubism, Cubo-Futurism, Suprematism and Constructivism.

In the course of this the offices at the port of Munster present among other works artists like
Lissitzky, Exter, Rodtschenko, Gontscharova, Popova, Puni, Rozanova, Sujetin, Tschaschnik, Udalzova, Kliun, Bakst and Tschechonin.

In addition to that, the gallery represents contemporary artists from different cultural areas and is dedicated to both established and younger artists of 20th and 21st century.

In ever-changing exhibitions are artists of classical modern art and of international contemporary art shown.

A selection of artists:

Mechtild van Ahlers

Alexander Besel

Jun Ho Cho

Hans-Georg Dornhege

Stephan Geisler

Marcus Günther

Jürgen Klück

Hermann Lüddecke

Nina Nolte

Lars Reiffers

Juan Garcia Ripollés

Elina Ruohonen

Rold Schröder-Borm

Bernd Schwarzer

Slava Seidel

Sergej Sologub

Wolfgang Stiller

Gan-Erdene Tsend

Maxim Wakultschik

Mario Weinberg

Quwei Zhang

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