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PERSPECTIVE: Between Transience and a New Beginning

PERSPECTIVE: Between Transience and a New Beginning 

On September 19, 2019, the group exhibition, PERSPECTIVE: Between Transience and a New Beginning, opened at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, with the works of Renate Pribert-Zimny, Shahram Shahmiri, Maik Nowodworski and Petra Aichholz.

What follows is an extract of the speech by curator Zahra Hasson-Taheri.

Transience cannot be discussed. Completing all life, whether it was nice or not, is irrelevant. But the perspective, the observation and observation of each experienced moment are unmistakable. After all, perception and reality are a matter of perspective. What we see and do not see is our decision. With the eyes of the artists Renate Pribert-Zimny, Shahram Shahmiri, Maik Nowodworski and Petra Aichholz, the visitor sees selected exhibits in painting, collages with light art, installation and sculpture, conveying the impermanence and perceptual diversity in a haunting way.

The artist Renate Pribert-Zimny not only paints her pictures, she also composes them. She does not see the colors, rather she hears individual notes. The dynamics, the interaction of music and painting is the central theme in Renate Pribert-Zimny´s work. Her works are rhythmically conceived in several shades of color and produce almost noisy worlds of luster. It is the color that dissolves moodily on the canvas and creates the appearance of a special atmosphere; an atmosphere characterized by light and darkness. Depending on the incidence of light, the intensity of this perception changes.

A certain counterpoint to this is the exhibited artistic work by Shahram Shahmiri. He alienates everyday items. He arranges them, builds new things and creates works that move in both two- and three-dimensionality. Born in Iran and living in Hamburg, the artist shows cultural and social reconstructions in his works. His work focuses on the history and culture of his birthplace. His works seem peculiar, calm, but not rigid, mysterious, but not uncanny, not threatening, rather ciphered. To decode these lies with the respective observer, his point of view.

The Berlin light concept artist Maik Nowodworski works with different materials and combines them with each other. In terms of content, trivial or more elevated symbols stand side by side equally in his works; especially circles and gears that represent cycles and are repeated in his works. Circulations of life, the four seasons, climate change, war and other political and social issues determine his work. Maik Nowodworski creates a surreal, overstimulated world that overwhelms the viewers in its fullness and captivates them at the same time. By inserting an artificial light source, which he installs individually to a picture motif, one picture becomes two.

After the artist Petra Aichholz, our world is the only important one. To put the earth as the origin of all life in the center, conveys recognition and security. If you look more closely at the work, new aspects open up, tempting you to abandon well-known paths and get involved in something new. The most important basis for this is the special mixture between detailed illustration and abstraction: Unusual map views open up new perspectives and also intellectually lead to a rethinking of the point of view.

The exhibition, PERSPECTIVE: Between Transience and a New Beginning, can be seen at Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg until the 21st of October 2019.

© Zahra Hasson-Taheri (Pashmin Art gallery)

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