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Banksy Portrays Nurse as a Superhero

A medical assistant photographs the Banksy artwork titled «Game Changer». Photo: Andrew Matthews /PA Wire/ dpa

Thanks to the Heroes 

No one knows who is hiding behind the name Banksy, but this British artist still makes himself known to the public in Corona times with pictures that refer to the crisis.

The mysterious street artist Banksy thanked the heroes of the Corona crisis in his own way: with a large painting in the British General Hospital in Southampton.

The picture from the clinic also published on Banksy´s Instagram account shows a boy kneeling and letting a nurse doll hover in the air in his left hand. Like Superman, she extends her hand - and wears a face mask, cape, and an apron with a red cross. It is the only colored element in the otherwise black and white painting. In the wastebasket in front of the boy are a Spiderman and a Superman figure.

The artist left a note in the hospital that said: «Thank you for everything you do. I hope this lights up the place a little, even if it´s only black and white. »

The one-square-meter painting, for which Banksy only wrote «Game Changer», is to remain in the hospital until autumn and then be auctioned off. The proceeds will go to the chronically underfunded National Health Service (NHS), a spokeswoman for Banksys confirmed.

More than 100 doctors and nurses infected with the coronavirus have already died in the UK. The country lacks, among other things, medical personnel, respirators and protective equipment. At the beginning of the pandemic, many nurses put large trash bags on themselves to protect themselves from the virus in clinics. Britain is the worst pandemic country in Europe, with over 30,000 deaths, according to official statistics. A very high number of unreported cases is expected.

The hospital´s managing director, Paula Head, told the BBC that the painting was appreciated by everyone in the hospital. People would have a moment to pause, think, and appreciate the artwork. «It will undoubtedly also boost the morale of everyone who works in our hospital and who is cared for.»

Banksy had already published a picture of the Corona crisis from his home office in mid-April: the Briton posted a picture on Instagram in which he painted several rats on the wall of the bathroom. The objects standing around are arranged so that it looks as if the rats caused this mess. Under it he wrote: «My wife hates when I work from home.»

Banksy´s identity puzzles. It is known that he comes from Bristol and came to London in the late 90s. He made a name for himself with his socially critical and mostly controversial motifs. His graffiti mostly appear surprising.

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Bild auf Banksysy Instagram-Account

Bericht bei BBC

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