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about us 

We are an online magazine based in Hamburg. Since 01.01.2008 our magazine appears bilingual in English and German on the net.

We publish daily updates about the area of art - interesting reports and articles about the newest exhibitions and fairs, regardless whether they are nationally or internationally held; about art auctions, and all the news concerning the art world.

You can read our ongoing news which have a global relevance to the field of art in our news section. In our exhibition section you will find articles, commentaries and reports about the newest exhibitions in Germany and all over the world. Far in advance, we will inform you about all important events in the sector art. You'll get an overview on our home area.

It is important for us to expand our wide network further. This network helps all fanciers and connoisseurs of art, galleries, museums and self practising artists, to come into contact with each other and to establish interesting relations. In our area for galleries and museums, we invite you to a virtual tour of the galleries, museums and art societies co-operating which are co-operating with us. In addition to that we make you familiar with freelance artists from all nations in our artist area.

You are an artist and want to secede from the anonymity to enter the public sphere of a large international audience? Or you are part of an art institution that has an interest to network itself more global? Our forum enables new possibilities of contact and communication between galleries, museums, art organizations and freelance artists, beyond all national boundaries.

Especially the international scope of our Global Art Magazine is suitable to make connections to other cultures, which we are still unknown, such as the Gulf region, in which Western art becomes more and more interesting and also the economic potential, to buy quality art, is present. Also here the field of modern art developes itself more and more, for example regarding its presentations at international art fairs, as they take place in Dubai.

Since January 2008 Globalartmagazine.com constantly regulates its philosophy of bridging the gaps between the nations through art. The language of pictorial art as one of a few is spoken globally and thus it is able to erase barriers which are pass through different nations. At the same time art stays artistically or culturally individually, so that you can get various inspirations during clicking through our website, where art from all over the world meets.

The intention of Global Art Magazine is to act as an inter-cultural magazine - as well as international understanding, as well as a source of inspiration.

We work with correspondents (1) around the world and with internationally recognized art experts. Our editorial team consists of university-trained editors. Our website is created with the latest technology which includes for example videos from the art scene in our media section as well as interesting slide shows to accentuate all of the text material.

We look forward to a successful cooperation with you!

(1) Please note that just for simplifying reasons, only the male form is chosen, which also includes the feminine form.

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