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Gerhard Richter no longer paints: «At some point, the end is near»

By Christoph Driessen, dpa

Germany´s greatest painter puts the brush down: at the age of 88, Gerhard Richter completes his work. As an artist, however, he does not yet retire.

Cologne (dpa)

Gerhard Richter smiles when he is asked whether he really wants to stop. «At some point it will just be the end, » he tells the German Press Agency. «That´s not so bad. And I am old enough now 88 years, to be exact»

Born in Dresden, he is considered to be the most highly endowed living painter ever and leads artist rankings worldwide. But the human being Gerhard Richter forms the greatest possible contrast to all these superlatives. He is conceivably modest. Any fuss about his person is unpleasant for him. For many years he has hardly appeared in the public. Since his health is not so good anymore and since Corona rules, he prefers to stay at home in his quiet house and studio in the Hahnwald residential area of Cologne.

His three large stained-glass windows for the Tholey Monastery in Saarland have just been unveiled. «This is certainly my last work» he says. In his catalog raisonné, a «table» comes as number 1. This picture was taken in 1962. «The windows have number 957»

1962 - that is now 58 years ago. And even then, he was already 30 years old. Richter was born in 1932 and can still remember the undestroyed Dresden. «Visiting the grandmother, visiting the aunt. Apartments, street scenes I see before me» From 1951 he studied at the Dresden Academy of Art. There one was not allowed to borrow books from the library from the Impressionist period onwards. In 1961 he went to the West.

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Preview: Exhibition ´´from DYSTOPIA to UTOPIA´´

The crisis of our time makes us reflect on the design and goals of the society we inhabit and share. Some of these thoughts invoke worry and concern since they bring with them an image of a possible negative aftermath to the crisis. The most radical perceptions of the current time easily turn into irrational fears. Accordingly, the potential aftermath becomes a dystopian endgame: ´´Fear Eats the Soul´´.

Pashmin Art Consortia opens its grand exhibition in Henan, China

Pashmin Art Consortia opens its grand exhibition in Henan, Central China with about 150 paintings by more than 15 artists from 10 European countries. It showcases various works of art from different countries and different styles. The exhibition in Kaifeng city (Henan province, China) is open to the public in Greenland Maker Center.

Wordless Time

The vernissage for the group exhibition WORDLESS TIME took place on June 20, 2020 at 7 p.m. in Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg.

Healing Power of Art

31 October - 27 November 2020 

Vernissage: 31 October 2020, 6 PM

Pashmin Art Gallery, Gotenstr. 21, 20097 Hamburg, Germany



 Nicole Majer (Germany)

Saša Makarová (Austria-Slovakia)

Masumi Igarashi (Japan_Germany)

Hanne Laland (Norway)

Natalja Nouri (Latvia-Germany)

Viewing art and being involved in art have healing powers. It is basically derived from arts therapy, which includes other creative therapies such as drama therapy and music therapy. Back in literature the most famous version of arts therapy is depicted in One Thousand and One Nights where storytelling saves Shahrazad (Scheherazade) and heals King Shahryar. In a more limited sense, art has the same effect through empathy. 

The American Art Therapy Association defines art therapy as: "an integrative mental health and human services profession that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience within a psychotherapeutic relationship." Especially at this turbulent time, art can help us to stay in a balance of mind.


A group exhibition with the works of three German artists On Sunday the 23.08.2020 a vernissage took place in the Pashmin Art Gallery. There the artists Ben Schütze, Sabine Suckrau and Horst Wagner exhibited their works. 

The following is an excerpt from the speech by the curator of this exhibition Chenxin Ge.

With artistic skill, the artists of this exhibition, Ben Schütze, Sabine Suckrau and Horst Wagner, create their imaginative art worlds of various kinds. The artistic styles vary from symbolism and abstraction to realism. One thing the three artists have in common, however, is that their works no longer merely create a doubling of the world by imitating here and now, but rather aim at a search for beauty and expand our horizons beyond dystopian finality to a future full of new possibilities.

End-of-the-Year Exhibition in Pashmin Art Gallery

On November 7, 2019, the End-of-the-Year Exhibition opened at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, exhibiting the works of Evelyn Bermayer, Verena Kloos, Branka Lugonja und Jörg Bollin.

Chongqing International Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition

On 10 January 2020 at 2 PM, the greatest art event in the greatest metropolis of the world (Chongqing) opened. The grand Chongqing International Modern and Contemporary Art Exhibition was organized by HongYiJiuZhou International Culture and Art Center and PASHMIN ART CONSORTIA and was hosted by Hong Art Museum in Chongqing. The works by forty six international artists are presented there till 31 March 2020.

Eva Kaiser. Redemption of Empathy

On 23 February 2020 at 3 PM, the solo-exhibition ´´Redemption of Empathy´´ opened in Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg. In this exhibition, a total of 28 paintings from Eva Kaiser are shown. The diversity of her works ranges from Christian iconography to expressionistic depictions of people and more recent abstractions. However, the visual language of every kind is not separated from the depicted topic, but shows a survival of the traditional symbolic content of empathy without its cultural-historical shell.

Pashmin Art Gallery

With an experience of a quarter of a century, Pashmin Art Gallery possesses a wide range of associations in world of art with artists, galleries and museums. The gallery began its exhibitions with contemporary artists in 1990 and expanded its work with classic modern masters. The recent focus on globalization of art lead Pashmin Art Gallery to present artists from five continents, while it is aware of significant cultural differences between them all.

Pashmin Art Gallery

Gotenstr. 21

20097 Hamburg


Tel.: +49 (0) 40 / 23 64 43 68

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Kiasma - Museum of contempory art

Kiasma is a museum of contemporary art situated in Helsinki, Finland. Its primary role is to educate the public on contemporary art and to strengthen the status of art in Finland in general.​ Kiasma is under the umbrella of the Finnish National Gallery. ively cultural centre and meeting place, Kiasma is the place for pleasure and experience. A diverse, changing programme allows the museum to reach different audiences. Kiasma and the art it exhibits often stimulate lively discussion in which the museum too is an active participant. The debate is open to everyone, whether it takes place in Kiasma or on some of its many online forums.The story of Kiasma building began with an architectural design competition in 1992. The winner of the competition was American architect Steven Holl with his entry entitled Chiasma. The name Chiasma was changed into its Finnish form, Kiasma. The opening of the museum was celebrated in May 1998.

Kiasma - Museum of contempory art


Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Mannerheiminaukio 2, FIN-00100 Helsinki,

Finland Info & Theatre tickets +358 (0)294 500 501

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E-mail info@kiasma.fi

MAXXI - Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo: Information

MAXXI is the first national museum dedicated to contemporary creativity. It was opened in May 2010 and is managed by a private foundation part of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism. MAXXI produces and hosts art, architecture, design and photography shows, as well as fashion, movies and music projects, theater and dance performances, meetings with artists, architects and some of the leading contemporary figures. 

Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo 

MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo via Guido Reni, 4A - via Masaccio, 6 00196 - Roma, Italy

Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo


MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo via Guido Reni,

4A - via Masaccio, 6 00196 - Roma, Italy

Call Center +39 06 32810 

Information und Reservierung von Bildungsaktivitäten +39 06 3201954 


Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona : Information

As a public institution, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) takes responsibility of spreading the culture of contemporary art and offers a wide variety of perspectives and generating critical debates about art and culture. The museum is managed by a consortium, created in 1988. Its current members are the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council, the Spanish Ministry of Culture and the MACBA Foundation.

Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona

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