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Art Beijing 2018-The Art in the Era of Artwork Consumption

In the recent 20 years, art expos have become the most important transaction and display platforms for the global artwork market, and now their development is being accelerated. 

Expos as the bridge connecting galleries with collectors 

According to the statistics of 2018 Basel Art Exhibition and UBS Global Artwork Market Report, there were 260 important art expos around the world in 2017, nearly 50 of which were founded within the recent 10 years and the artworks sold at art expos accounted for nearly half of annual sales achieved by many galleries. Data also indicated that 46% transactions of global galleries were done at art expos in 2017, up by 5% over that of 2016. Without a doubt, we are now in the “era of art expos”. After 2012, art expos of China gradually extended from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to the second-tier provincial capitals, leading to increasingly fierce competitions among various art expos. Faced with such a marketplace, good art expos must bear in mind the actual needs of galleries for mutual benefits while providing professional services that suit the needs of art consumers, collectors and investors, including artworks perfectly in line with their aesthetics, consumption ability and collection preferences. All in all, art expos function as a bridge.


Mark Rothko Art Centre - Life and the art of perception

From the time we are born till we die, we are all surrounded by images. Our time is the time of images, of moving or fixed ones. From Plato’s doubt about the images we see, the question “What is an Image?” has occupied the minds of philosophers, art historians, etc. till now. Does our mind form the images we see, as Kant believed, or is our mind a blank slate on which the images leave their stamp as Locke thought?

Art Beijing 2018

Art Beijing is an art fair located in Beijing that serves the most art institutions in China, will hold its 13th annual art fair in Beijing on April 29th, 2018. It is constantly making adjustment to its own exhibition structure based on the established pattern of the art market, as well as its rich experience in running its fairs and exploring new methods to develop in such a way that best suits the market in China. Based on the core concept of ´´Locally based and Asia-oriented´´, Art Beijing 2018 will continue with the scale and pattern of the previous exhibition by integrating into it the country´s significant weight in domestic art to fully demonstrate the Chinese art market centered in Beijing. In addition to four sections including contemporary art, classic art, design art and public art, the ´´Hi21´´, a young art market brand has also been added to the fair to demonstrate the youth art unit.

Squek Carnwath - What befor Came After

New York, October 12, 2015 – Jane Lombard Gallery presents What Before Came After, Squeak Carnwath´s first solo exhibition in New York City in over a decade. The exhibition features a selection of Carnwath´s paintings and cigar-box sculptures spanning 25 years of practice. Active in the Bay Area since the 1970s, alongside artists such as Viola Frey and Jay DeFeo, Carnwath has developed a signature style that incorporates meticulously applied layers of oil paint with text, repeated symbolic iconography, and abstract patterns to create complex works which gradually reveal her personal exploration of representation, memory, and the human experience. The artist will be present for the opening reception on October 22 from 6-8 pm.

Reality - Illusion - Grotesque at Pashmin Art Gallery

From 27.05.2018 to 29.06.2018, Pashmin Art Gallery is showing an exhibition under the theme: "Reality, Illusion, Grotesque". Four artists deal with the concept of seeing in their works by questioning the illusion of reality and constructing new, even grotesque images.

About the artists:

Nicole Majer, Hermann Fuchs, David Parrott, Sergey Morshch


Biennale Architettura-Venice-2018

Open to the public from Saturday May 26th to Sunday November 25th 2018, at the Giardini and the Arsenale, the 16th International Architecture Exhibition, titled FREESPACE, is curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara and organized by La Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta. The preview took place on May 24th and 25th, the awards ceremony and inauguration on Saturday May 26th 2018.

«With the aim of promoting the ´´desire´´ of architecture», President Baratta explained that this edition curated by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara focuses on the question of space, the quality of space, open and free space. The fundamental parameter of reference is indicated with great clarity.


Exhibiton series "Pashmin Art Circulation" in MoCA Beijing 2017

In continuation of its ´Pashmin Art Circulation´ exhibition series, Pashmin Art Gallery presents the current exhibition entitled partnerships in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing / China (MoCA).

This international group exhibition exhibits the works of more than 30 artists from over seven countries and forms a part of a whole and represents an interactive relationship between cultures. The artworks provide an insight into contemporary, current art. Paintings (in various techniques), drawings, graphics, calligraphies, collages, photographs, sculptures, reflect the cultural differences or even similarities. In addition, the works show the individual views of the individual artists from various cultural circles.

Pashmin Art Gallery

With an experience of a quarter of a century, Pashmin Art Gallery possesses a wide range of associations in world of art with artists, galleries and museums. The gallery began its exhibitions with contemporary artists in 1990 and expanded its work with classic modern masters. The recent focus on globalization of art lead Pashmin Art Gallery to present artists from five continents, while it is aware of significant cultural differences between them all.

Pashmin Art Gallery

Gotenstr. 21

20097 Hamburg


Tel.: +49 (0) 40 / 23 64 43 68

Fax: +49 (0) 40 / 23 64 43 68


Fabrik der Künste

The Fabrik der Künste (Factory of the Arts) was called alive as a new institution for various artistic events in Hamburg five years ago. Horst Werner, manager of the Fabrik der Künste, has rebuild the old manufacturing and warehouse rooms complex and design-oriented. The five hundred square meters of the exhibition space are used for art projects such as exhibitions, concerts, cultural festivals, theater and readings. It is financed by private sponsors and donations, given to the Stiftung Fabrik der Künste GmbH.

Fabrik der Künste

20537 Hamburg

Kreuzbrook 10/12


Tel.: +49(0)40-86685717

Michael Nolte Gallery

Founded in 2004 in Münster, The Galerie Michael Nolte is located in the Hafenweg at the habour of Münster since March this year. The gallery owner Michael Nolte, who has been trading for more than forty years in Muenster with antiques, in this way extended his network into the modern and contemporary art.

Galerie Michael Nolte

Hafenweg 15

48155 Münster,



Tel.: +49(0)251-44809

Fischer Auktionen Gallery

Galerie Fischer in Lucerne is the oldest Swiss Fine Art Auction House and one of Europe’s leading auction houses, and in many aspects its history reflects the way in which the art market and art auctions in Europe have evolved. Through its commitment Galerie Fischer has been an important agent not only in shaping the development of the art market in Switzerland but also in setting up and enriching many private and public art collections in both Switzerland and abroad.

Galerie Fischer Auktionen AG

Haldenstrasse 19

CH - 6006 Luzern,




Museum des beaux arts: La Boverie

The Museum of beaux arts, La Boverie is located at the Parc de la Boverie, No. 3, 4020 Liege, Belgium. Le palais des Beaux-Arts opened for the first time in 1905, to celebrate the Universal Exhibition organized in Lieges, in the center of the parc of La Boverie. This building is inspired by the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervueren. During the first five decades after the first opening, this palace was used for temporary exhibitions, before turning into a big Museum. The museum has undergone different phases of renovations and extensions in years. It was closed for 5 years from 2011 to 2016. And then 111 years after its foundation, it was reopened on 5th May 2016 with a grand exhibition entitled ´´En plein air´´ (Open Air) which runs till 15th August 2016.

Tel : +32 4 238 55 00

Email: info@laboverie.com

Post Code: 4020 Liege

Address: Parc de la Boverie

Website: La Boverie

The Getty Museum

The billionaire J. Paul Getty gathered about 50,000 works of art and made available to the general public for free in J. Paul Getty Museum. He founded the J. Paul Getty Museum in Pacific Palisades in 1953; the Museum was transferred to the newly Getty Center 1997 after Brentwood. The museum focuses on classic works of art such as sculptures, paintings, drawings, manuscripts and photographs. The J. Paul Getty Museum seeks to inspire curiosity about, and enjoyment and understanding of, the visual arts by collecting, conserving, exhibiting and interpreting works of art of outstanding quality and historical importance.

To fulfill this mission, the Museum continues to build its collections through purchase and gifts, and develops programs of exhibitions, publications, scholarly research, public education, and the performing arts that engage our diverse local and international audiences. The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center in Los Angeles houses European paintings, drawings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts, decorative arts, and photography from its beginnings to the present, gathered internationally.

 Getty Museum

1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1679
(310) 440-7300

communications@getty.edu, or call (310) 440-7360.


Kiasma - Museum of contempory art

Kiasma is a museum of contemporary art situated in Helsinki, Finland. Its primary role is to educate the public on contemporary art and to strengthen the status of art in Finland in general.​ Kiasma is under the umbrella of the Finnish National Gallery. ively cultural centre and meeting place, Kiasma is the place for pleasure and experience. A diverse, changing programme allows the museum to reach different audiences. Kiasma and the art it exhibits often stimulate lively discussion in which the museum too is an active participant. The debate is open to everyone, whether it takes place in Kiasma or on some of its many online forums.The story of Kiasma building began with an architectural design competition in 1992. The winner of the competition was American architect Steven Holl with his entry entitled Chiasma. The name Chiasma was changed into its Finnish form, Kiasma. The opening of the museum was celebrated in May 1998.

Kiasma - Museum of contempory art


Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma Mannerheiminaukio 2, FIN-00100 Helsinki,

Finland Info & Theatre tickets +358 (0)294 500 501

Exchange +358 (0)294 500 200

Fax +358 (0)294 500 503

E-mail info@kiasma.fi

MAXXI - Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo: Information

MAXXI is the first national museum dedicated to contemporary creativity. It was opened in May 2010 and is managed by a private foundation part of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism. MAXXI produces and hosts art, architecture, design and photography shows, as well as fashion, movies and music projects, theater and dance performances, meetings with artists, architects and some of the leading contemporary figures. 

Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo 

MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo via Guido Reni, 4A - via Masaccio, 6 00196 - Roma, Italy

Museo Nazionale Delle Arti Del XXI Secolo


MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo via Guido Reni,

4A - via Masaccio, 6 00196 - Roma, Italy

Call Center +39 06 32810 

Information und Reservierung von Bildungsaktivitäten +39 06 3201954 


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